DobiBoy – Coin Laundry Service Near You In Malaysia!

DobiBoy self service laundry Malaysia is a fast & easy way to have your laundry cleaned weekly at affordable prices! No more worries about the weather, malfunctioned home laundry machines, electricity supply, water supply and etc. You can now enjoy doing your laundry any time of the day at DobiBoy. A hassle free, cost effective & easy coin operated laundry service indeed! With DobiBoy’s 24 hours laundry services, your laundry is no longer a chore that you dread, it’ll be a chore that you can finally love! All our machines are powered by ELECTROLUX which assures a high quality laundry experience!

Latest self service laundry cleaning / dobi layan diri / kedai dobi destination in Malaysia

The best washing machine available in the electrical store is no longer the most cost effective way to manage your weekly laundry. At DobiBoy you can enjoy doing your weekly laundry with ELECTROLUX Professional Series industrial laundry machines at affordable prices. BREEZE detergents and DOWNY softeners are included for free in every wash! Trust us that when you start cleaning your laundry with us, we will be your favourite Malaysia self service laundry cleaning centre in the country! DobiBoy laundry services near you create the most ideal opportunity for housewives, people with hectic schedules and students with the most efficient and cost effective way of cleaning their laundry with the latest technologies by ELECTROLUX!

Any kind of laundry will be suitable at DobiBoy self service laundry: clothing, curtains, bed sheets, cushion covers, table clothes, small floor mats, etc.

DobiBoy’s industrial grade laundry machines provides uncountable options available for laundry cleaning such as curtains, bed sheets, cushion covers, table clothes, floor mats and many more. More often than not, cleaning laundry such as bed sheets and curtains will cost a lot at the conventional dry cleaners. At DobiBoy, you can enjoy cleaning these laundry all in just under one hour with free BREEZE detergents & DOWNY softeners in every wash! Cleaning your weekly clothing and decor fabrics at DobiBoy’s dobi layan diri takes up just half the time of what you need at home, much faster, much cleaner and above all, more cost effective! Laundry cleaning has never been this efficient and convenient!

Best washing machine and laundry dryers at your service!

With ELECTROLUX washing machines and laundry dryers, you no longer need to send your clothing to the conventional full service laundry shop. Industrial ELECTROLUX Professional washing machines features a revolutionary 200X Gravity Force spin (G-Force), efficient water usage, efficient electricity consumption and above all, top of the line cleaning capability. At DobiBoy, we help you clean your laundry with superior washing machines and dryers at affordable prices, gone are the days for dry cleaners to hit you with hefty costs and long waiting lines! Visit one of our kedai dobi layan diri today and prepare to bask in the all new self service laundry experience.

Self service laundry / laundromat / self service Laundromat Malaysia, they are all the same!

Well they are pretty much referring to the same thing, synonyms to be exact! =D So whenever you hear your friends and family talking about a self service laundromat nearby, don’t forget to recommend us, D-O-B-I-B-O-Y! Forget about buying a laundry machine at your local department store anymore, they are costly, bulky and troublesome. Whenever your friends and family visit DobiBoy laundry services, ELECTROLUX Professional machinery are there waiting to serve you at the highest quality and at low prices!

At home or at work- Enjoy DobiBoy self service laundry Malaysia

Laundry cleaning has never been as easy and convenient as with DobiBoy Coin Operated Laundry Services. In just under an hour, you can have your weekly laundry cleaned! Tell us where you are located and we will provide you with the list of DobiBoy laundry service near you. Got back home late from work? Can’t do your laundry due to the rainy season? Got work to do? DobiBoy provides you with dobi layan diri 24 jam, 365 days a year! So whether it is rainy, sunny outside or a hectic schedule, DobiBoy Malaysia is your ultimate place to do your laundry for any kind of fabric closest to your home or even your office.