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Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur


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Prominent Landmarks:

Opposite Masjid Besar Taman Melawati, Same Row as 7-Eleven



24 Hours Self Service Laundry Taman Melwati, Kuala Lumpur

Taman Melawati is a place many people refer to simply as Melawati. It is located in the Ulu Kelang region, home to many residents and local businesses. Not far away, it is also home to a pair of pandas in Zoo Negara. Drop off your laundry at DobiBoy self service laundry and hop over to Zoo Negara to spend some quality with your family! Located in this affluent town, the newly opened Melawati Mall has brought in an array of new businesses into town too.

Fun fact, Taman Melawati is a town with a Kuala Lumpur post code, but it is located under the Gombak constituency but it is under the administration of Ampang! Isn’t just beautiful?

Coin Operated Laundry Service – To Serve A Community

We decided to open a laundry service in Melawati with the hope to serve the dense residential community nearby with high quality laundry experience at affordable prices. Laundry at home is tiresome, a chore that require a lot of energy and time. For an easy laundry experience, just drop by dobiQueen! With the help of Electrolux professional laundry machines, and the use of BREEZE detergent and Downy softeners, your laundry experience will be a fast and easy one. You can leave your laundry with us and opt for our wash & fold services for an extra of just RM8! What are you waiting for? Look for the nearest DobiBoy Laundry Service Near You!

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